Join Us

At the Crimson State Group, we’re always looking for members of the Pilots Federation to join and help defend Lugh from those who would seek to invade it. Whether you’re a veteran of the Great War or are new to our system, we’d love to hear from you!

Support Our Minor Faction

The best way to show your commitment to our cause is to do missions and trade with the Crimson State Group minor faction in Lugh, and build your reputation to Friendly or Allied. For trading, make sure you use one of CSG’s stations, such as Knight Dock, Balandin Gateway (both industrial) or Hartsfield Market (agricultural).


DiscordPlease register on our forum and post in our Welcome topic. We’ll then send you an invite to join us on our Discord voice chat server – it’s easy to set up and a really good way to get to know us!

We have a nomination system to allow access to the private areas of the forum where we plan upcoming activities. You’ll need three nominations from existing members, so get to know us on TeamSpeak and fly with us in the void!